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Even More News To Me

A tremendous mistake

The passage of time continues to bring us brand new discoveries in the vintage world of Transformers and pre-Transformers collecting. We’re nearing the 30 year anniversary of the first release of The Transformers, and we’ve already surpassed that mark for Diaclone and Micro Change, and despite those milestones this amazing hobby and area of toy collecting still present gems, gifts, mysteries and …
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Escalation – A Collector’s Story

European G1 Starscream

It’s 1984 and you’re too young to remember The Transformers. It’s 1986 and you’ve seen “Arrival from Cybertron” on television and VHS many times. You are moved by Starscream’s traitorous behaviour and Mirage’s heroism. Your parents take you, your older brother and cousin to the biggest Toys ‘R’ Us around. While you’re looking at Teddy Ruxpin bears your mother says “Your brother and cousin have …
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The $3k Black Tracks Fraud of 2012

Not a fake

Fraud is nothing new in toy collecting, and neither is trying to pass off a custom as an official variant of highly limited number, value and desirability. At a time in Transformers and Diaclone collecting where 3rd Party Products are hugely popular and Chinese counterfeits of original G1 Transformers and Diaclones are everywhere, it was only a matter of time before somebody tried …
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1000 Euro Rally – Diaclone Finland

Norse gods

Finland, famous for arctic weather, Lapland, death metal, heavy drinking, Formula 1 World Champions and some of the greatest rally drivers the world has ever seen. Diaclone, famous for exotic colour variants, astronomical prices, unfathomable rarity and feverish collectors. Combine the two and you have probably the single hardest pre-Transformers and Transformers collecting arena to get a foothold in. Think about it, we could …
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