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Last But Least?

Cause and Effect

He finally arrived, on the very final day of 2013 for me having been pre-ordered in March of the same year. Delayed beyond his Masterpiece Datsun stablemates on account of his re-tooled shoulder design and for reasons of recreational Takara Tomy fan torture, MP-19 Masterpiece Smokescreen has landed to a tremendously mixed reception. MP-17 Prowl and MP-18 Streak set the …
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Black & White

Hot fuzz

We know robots are cool and cars make for popular toys. We also know cars that transform into robots are exceptionally cool, but there is a special place reserved in the hearts of children (and adults!) for transforming cars which happen to be emergency vehicles. Whether it’s G1 or Diaclone, Robots In Disguise or Binaltech, the police car remains a talismanic member of a toy line….
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The Racing Cars of Diaclone and Early G1

Nimble as an elf too

The month of May plays host to two of the world’s biggest and most historic motor racing events, the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500. Just a few weeks later we have the immense Le Mans 24 hour race in June, so what a perfect opportunity this is to pay tribute to the magnificent racing cars used by …
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