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TFsource Reviews: TFSS 1.0 Circuit

By now most collectors who personally subscribed to the first  Transformers Subscription Service should have received the third figure from the TFSS collection: Circuit! A updated take on the Generation 1 Action Master, this version of Circuit was used from the 2010 Deluxe Axer mold. Read on to view some images and my highlights/concerns of the latest from the Subscription Service!

Bio Card and Packaging

First …

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Here Come The Men In Black – BotCon 1996

Here come the Men In Black: the galaxy defenders … no, no, not those guys. We’re talking about a different MIB for this entry in TFsource’s Countdown to BotCon! BotCon 1996 featured new organizers, Men In Black productions, new toy exclusives from a different Transformers era, and a whole lot of mishaps that lead to the 1996 show being the only run convention under MIB Productions. …

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Review: Mastermind Creations Holiday Exclusive Mirrorverse Cyclops

In this review, we look at the holiday exclusive “Mirrorverse” version of their popular Cyclops figure from Mastermind Creations. Sporting a new deco and

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Review: Hasbro’s TRU exclusive Masterpiece Thundercracker

In today’s review, we take a look at one of Hasbro’s latest offerings: The Toys R Us exclusive Masterpiece Thundercracker. Using Takara’s MP-11 Starscream mold, they’ve managed to deliver an awesome Masterpiece-styled homage to seeker known for “bringing the boom” wherever he roams!

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TF Source Review – Transformers Over-Run (Runabout)

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Origin of the Species – Part 1

Do not adjust your screens...

We love reissues, but even more than that we love reissue exclusives! We love that they come in weird and wonderful colours, with interesting back stories and long-forgotten origins. From clear or translucent versions of our favourites to pre-Transformers homages and even brand new colour schemes and interpretations, we look at a selection of reissue exclusive Transformers and the inspiration behind …
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