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Toy Review: MakeToys’ MTCM-04A Axle

MT Axle

Guardia is definitely off to a great start!!

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Giftset Gallery – The Popular

Various Transformers giftsets

By definition, a giftset should be something that brings happiness. Not just one Transformer, but sometimes five or six, all of which interact with each other to create something more than the sum of their parts, expecially in the case of the combiner sets. Add in a reassuringly large box covered in artwork, a shedload of accessories, and a healthy dose of …
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Giftset Gallery – The Obscure


Everyone loves a Transformers combiner giftset. It’s a lovely word isn’t it? Giftset. Just rolls off the tongue. My spell-checker doesn’t recognise it, but collectors certainly do. Almost always bright, colourful, large and with a significant portion of the box front covered in artwork, they make for some of the most popular and impressive collection display pieces one can find. Nowadays certain …
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Is It Conceivable? – Part 5

Apparently, this IS conceivable

Some of us have dreams when it comes to toy collecting. Complete a collection of variant minibots, own a particular sub-line of pre-Transformers, have a graded sealed collection of G1 across a few years of release or a run of Japanese exclusive Transformers, those are serious ambitions but to some reasonable degree they are – according to and as defined by …
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Is It Conceivable? – Part 1

Mission impossible?

To collect is to complete, or at least it is for some. Certain corners of the Transformers toy-buying community are happy to pick up whatever figure takes their fancy from time to time, others choose to focus their collecting and aspire to complete either a particular run of figures, sub-line or category. A small minority challenge themselves even further with simpler and …
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Oldies but Goldies: Classic Transformers

Oldies but goldies

Generation 1 Transformers are widely collected, revered and affectionately remembered by enthusiasts. Finding and owning original boxed or even sealed G1 Transformers is quite a privelege and an experience. More recent Takara and Hasbro Reissue Transformers have proven to be hugely popular and are into their second decade of release. So why is it that so many Transformers collectors shun and turn their noses up at …
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