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Repaints and Resurgence

Masterpiece Transformers at TFSource

Masterpiece Transformers at TFSource

The close of 2015 saw a series of four Masterpiece Transformers repaints released within the space of a month, and ensured an extremely high quality end to another fabulous year of official MP product. MP-11T Thundercracker, MP-21R Bumble Red Body, MP-26 Road Rage and MP-14C Clampdown might all have been repaints of existing and well known, well-documented moulds, …
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Metrotitan - $150 in 2002

I often get told by collectors that they couldn’t possibly imagine starting a pre-Transformers collection due to the staggeringly high prices every item commands nowadays, and it’s true, Diaclone and even Micro Change Series prices do seem to be on a perpetual rise. However, the same collectors are spending hundreds per month on Masterpiece and 3rd Party items, …
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Black & White

Hot fuzz

We know robots are cool and cars make for popular toys. We also know cars that transform into robots are exceptionally cool, but there is a special place reserved in the hearts of children (and adults!) for transforming cars which happen to be emergency vehicles. Whether it’s G1 or Diaclone, Robots In Disguise or Binaltech, the police car remains a talismanic member of a toy line….
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