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Collector Interview 42 – Godert Walter

Godert Walter and his Transformers collection

Godert Walter and his Transformers collection

Meet Godert Walter, a Dutch Transformers fan who has accomplished more than most during his time in the hobby. He’s built Autobot City in a farmhouse, he’s helped create the infamous Trypticon Races, he’s walked into Hasbro’s offices and secured endorsement for the Dutch Transformers conventions he’s helped to conceive and organise. Having walked …
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Collector Interview 39 – Ben Harpold

Transformers Bumblebee available at TFSource

Transformers Bumblebee available at TFSource

There are those that specialise in Transformers of a particular era, and others that specialise in figures from particular geographic regions. Some collectors don’t specialise at all, and then you have the ones who specialise primarily in a single character and collect as many versions of the bot as possible. Ben Harpold is one such collector, …
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Collector Interview 30 – Karl Hartman

No introductions necessary

No introductions necessary

Decades from now, when we look back on the Transformers phenomenon and specifically the Transformers fan community in all its evolving glory from patchy little groups across the world to a globally connected, flourishing mass of thousands and thousands of enthusiasts and collectors, the names of 2 people will inevitably stand out. They will stand out and stand the test of time. …
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Collector Interview 26 – Paul Hitchens


Here’s Pauly

I would have waited an eternity for this. Paul Hitchens is one of the most recognisable names (and faces) in the Transformers collecting community, not just because of his numerous and significant contributions to conventions, the community, the discovery and cataloguing of variants, rarities, prototypes and history of Transformers animation, but also as a representative of the community and …
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A Voyage Of Animated Discovery – Part 2


Lockdown, summer in the city

I am discovering and re-discovering Transformers Animated at the same time. Discovering that the toy line expanded so far beyond the amazing deluxes, voyagers and leaders from my original flirtation with the toy line, and re-discovering repaints and toys I had long forgotten about, and re-living the enjoyment of experiencing new moulds from the line. It’s been a while since deluxes have …
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Pass The Torch

My Daughter's Transformers

Respectable collection for a 2 year old

A lifetime of appreciation for Transformers and the growing acceptance of hobbies such as toy collecting in society generally means that we can share our hobby with more people, and wear it more proudly, although some of us did that from day one regardless of others’ opinions anyway. When you get to the root of it, it’s the …
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TFsource Interviews The Transformers Collector’s Club!

It’s a New Year, the weather is ever so slowly starting to change, and Transformers fans are getting their plans in place for convention season! Before the hectic planning of convention season is upon us, I was lucky enough to steal some time from Pete Sinclair of the Transformers Collector’s Club to ask him some questions about the TCC, the Subscription Service, and BotCon …

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Intermission ~ Article 100

Vintage Series 1 Autobot Cars

That’s right, 100 articles since September 2011 when I started writing for the Source Blog, excluding Collector Interviews. It’s customary to see in milestones such as this by taking stock of what has gone before, but we will be doing that in 4 weeks as we hit the 2 year anniversary of the Source Blog anyway. Instead of just …
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TFsource Reviews: TFSS 1.0 Scourge

The long wait is finally over: the Transformers Club has shipped out its first subscription service figure and they started it off with fan favorite: Scourge! Right before BotCon 2013 started, collectors began receiving surprises in the mail. It didn’t take a second look to realize the box contained the Transformers Subscription Service Scourge, the first of 6 figures due to hit collector’s mailboxes throughout the …

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Binaltech and Masterpiece: 10 Years Ago

The First Photo

10 years, 2 toy-lines and six photos.
Six photos depicting two upcoming toys that captured the imagination of the Transformers fandom and collecting community and have not released their grip since. Those toys would become the BT-01 Binaltech Smokescreen and the MP-1 Masterpiece Convoy. The day was Thursday July 17th 2003. The San Diego Comic-Con had just started, and during “Preview Night”, …
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