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TFsource Interviews The Transformers Collector’s Club!

It’s a New Year, the weather is ever so slowly starting to change, and Transformers fans are getting their plans in place for convention season! Before the hectic planning of convention season is upon us, I was lucky enough to steal some time from Pete Sinclair of the Transformers Collector’s Club to ask him some questions about the TCC, the Subscription Service, and BotCon …

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Intermission ~ Article 100

Vintage Series 1 Autobot Cars

That’s right, 100 articles since September 2011 when I started writing for the Source Blog, excluding Collector Interviews. It’s customary to see in milestones such as this by taking stock of what has gone before, but we will be doing that in 4 weeks as we hit the 2 year anniversary of the Source Blog anyway. Instead of just …

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TFsource Reviews: TFSS 1.0 Scourge

The long wait is finally over: the Transformers Club has shipped out its first subscription service figure and they started it off with fan favorite: Scourge! Right before BotCon 2013 started, collectors began receiving surprises in the mail. It didn’t take a second look to realize the box contained the Transformers Subscription Service Scourge, the first of 6 figures due to hit collector’s mailboxes throughout the …

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Binaltech and Masterpiece: 10 Years Ago

The First Photo

10 years, 2 toy-lines and six photos.
Six photos depicting two upcoming toys that captured the imagination of the Transformers fandom and collecting community and have not released their grip since. Those toys would become the BT-01 Binaltech Smokescreen and the MP-1 Masterpiece Convoy. The day was Thursday July 17th 2003. The San Diego Comic-Con had just started, and during “Preview Night”, …

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BotCon 2013 – A Recap of this Awesome Weekend

It’s Monday morning. You’ve been driving all night or walking through more airport security checkpoints than you care for … and you’re now back in your cubicle at work having the most difficult time focusing. After spending the last several days nerding it out with new and old friends, transforming dozens of newly acquired robot toys, and probably letting out a squeal or two over Hasbro’s Masterpiece display …

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BotCon 1998 – Headin’ Out West

Up until this point, BotCon had been held primarily on the east coast. When it was time for BotCon 1998, 3H Productions packed up and took the Transformers convention out west for its first of many trips to California. Not surprising, the convention continued to grow and raise the bar with its attendance, toys, and special guests. Their financial success though, remained stagnant….

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3H Productions Takes Over – BotCon 1997

BotCon 1997 was the start of the 3H Productions reign over the official Transformers convention. 3H was a partnership that featured the return of BotCon founders, Jon and Karl Hartman, along with their partner Glen Hallit. Most fans are very familiar with 3H and can recall the conventions under their organization as well as the breakup that eventually occurred between the group, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s …

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Here Come The Men In Black – BotCon 1996

Here come the Men In Black: the galaxy defenders … no, no, not those guys. We’re talking about a different MIB for this entry in TFsource’s Countdown to BotCon! BotCon 1996 featured new organizers, Men In Black productions, new toy exclusives from a different Transformers era, and a whole lot of mishaps that lead to the 1996 show being the only run convention under MIB Productions. …

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A Part of the Second Generation – BotCon 1995

Coming off the success of the 1994 convention, BotCon picked up a little steam in 1995 and opened its doors to a larger audience of Transformers fans. BotCon 1995 featured one of the more unique convention exclusives, perhaps even an oddity given its “custom” nature, and its design/production path has proved to be one of the most interesting and memorable features of the toy itself….

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The First of its Kind – BotCon 1994

BotCon. For many collectors and fans, BotCon is the time of year to gather together to bring the internet fan forums to life. It’s a time for vacations, a chance to meet special Transformers stars, and to see Hasbro’s plan for everything Transformers that upcoming year. Most importantly though, it’s a time to get your hands on BotCon’s exclusive Transformers toys!…

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