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Collector Interview 33 – Matt Dennett


Staying in his box

I often find myself wondering who to feature next on these collector interviews, and I have been asked to try and move away from museum-style G1 collections to add more variety. Where possible I have done this, but requests are met at different times and often the choice of who to go with any given month is made for me …

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If You Lost It All…(Part 2)


Cast of TF Noir?

Last week we explored an intriguing¬†question posed by UK Transformers collector Alex Kirk: ”If for whatever reason you lost all of your Transformers collection tomorrow, what figure would you buy back first?”. We expanded the question to include the first 3 toys a collector would buy as either a collection rebuild, …

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Ambassadors – Part 6



Ambassadors Part 6. You know the score by now, surely. Although I do think one thing bears repeating, our contributors that are picking their line, category, sub-category or era-specific ambassadors are not choosing one toy to represent the Transformers brand as a whole, or to turn a complete non-collector into a collector. Rather, they are choosing a toy from a particular area of Transformers to promote …

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Collector Interview 23 – Dave Shorter

Dave Shorter

Or a gun?

Collectors with focus, aims and specific targets always have intriguing collections and a strict guideline as to how they indulge in the business of buying and collecting Transformers toys. Dave Shorter has a vision. His collection is one with a mission and purpose, one that aims to chart the journey and evolution of a single character through all the different eras and generations …

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The Obtainable Holy Grail – Part 2

In part two of our Obtainable Holy Grails series, we take another look at the figures collectors love and cherish to no end, despite them being relatively common or easily obtained. In part 1, we read about figures from the Beast Wars era, Masterpiece series, and the short lived Generation 2 line. Let’s see what figures mean the most to some of my closest collecting friends.

Nick …

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TFsource Interviews The Transformers Collector’s Club!

It’s a New Year, the weather is ever so slowly starting to change, and Transformers fans are getting their plans in place for convention season! Before the hectic planning of convention season is upon us, I was lucky enough to steal some time from Pete Sinclair of the Transformers Collector’s Club to ask him some questions about the TCC, the Subscription Service, and BotCon …

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The Obtainable Holy Grail – Part 1

I believe it’s almost a guaranteed thought for collectors to associate “holy grails” being figures from Diaclone, AFA graded Generation 1 pieces, or the expensive Japanese figures such as Overlord, among many other examples. Rightfully so, these figures are extremely special. Most collectors can simply not afford such grails or do not have the connections to find the truly rare ones. Is there such a thing …

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Are We Ready For A Return To ‘Beast-formers?’

If you follow any of the major Transformers news sites, such as TFW2005, you’ve probably come across the recently revealed renders for Transformers: Age Of Extinction; not to mention the continuing swarm of movie news. Your reaction to the Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Grimlock renders probably will have varied depending on how well liked the live action movies are in your own opinion…

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BotCon 2013 – A Recap of this Awesome Weekend

It’s Monday morning. You’ve been driving all night or walking through more airport security checkpoints than you care for … and you’re now back in your cubicle at work having the most difficult time focusing. After spending the last several days nerding it out with new and old friends, transforming dozens of newly acquired robot toys, and probably letting out a squeal or two over Hasbro’s Masterpiece display …

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3H Productions Takes Over – BotCon 1997

BotCon 1997 was the start of the 3H Productions reign over the official Transformers convention. 3H was a partnership that featured the return of BotCon founders, Jon and Karl Hartman, along with their partner Glen Hallit. Most fans are very familiar with 3H and can recall the conventions under their organization as well as the breakup that eventually occurred between the group, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s …

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