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Hasbro Transformers available from TFSource

Repaints and retools have been part of the Transformers toy landscape for as long as the brand has existed, but the concept of pre-tools is a more recent development. What got me interested in the subject was how Hasbro, TakaraTomy and occasionally 3rd party companies would release a toy or character in a mould that was clearly designed …
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Reissue Redux

Platinum Edition Reissues available here at TFSource

Platinum Edition Reissues available here at TFSource

For a while there it seemed that we’d had our last Generation 1 reissues from Hasbro and Takara, Encore Fortress Maximus being quite the final hurrah, but 2015 has seen the return of G1 reissues under Hasbro’s Platinum Edition banner. While most of the toys have already been released, G1 Trypticon was …
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Toy Review: DX9 Toys’ Carry


DX9 took the ball, rolled it into a futuristic trailer and drove that puppy right out of the park!

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Chigurh – The MP Astrotrain?


DX-9’s Chigurh – Available to buy here

I didn’t know I needed a Masterpiece-scale Astrotrain. Most of us probably didn’t really, and were happy to wait for Takara Tomy to sort us out somewhere in the next 5 years. With the choice of DX-9’s ”Chigurh” seen here or ToyWorld’s ”Evila Star”, I suspect a third choice of ”neither” to be just as prevalent. That is …
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Display Space

The dream

One of the greatest joys of having, adding to and maintaining a vintage Transformers collection, or any collection for that matter, is the ability to display it. When collections reach a certain size, it becomes harder and harder to appreciate each individual item that helps make up the glorious whole. There’s nothing like organising a display of Transformers toys, boxed, loose …
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Is It Conceivable? – Part 5

Apparently, this IS conceivable

Some of us have dreams when it comes to toy collecting. Complete a collection of variant minibots, own a particular sub-line of pre-Transformers, have a graded sealed collection of G1 across a few years of release or a run of Japanese exclusive Transformers, those are serious ambitions but to some reasonable degree they are – according to and as defined by …
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Look Closely

Where's Bruticus's head?!

Toy catalogues are wonderful things, we’ve even looked at them before on Source Blog here and here. In addition to the waves of nostalgia washing over us every time we look at a vintage Hasbro Transformers catalogue included with the toys, there are loads of …
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Case Finds

Mexican Jumpstarter case find (1999)

Finding a vintage Transformer or Diaclone in an attic, charity shop, old store or at a flea market is a wonderful event that very few of us have had the privilege of experiencing. If you’re really lucky you may even find an unused or sealed toy that was never sold, or it might have been an unopened gift. Such events are …
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Oldies but Goldies: Classic Transformers

Oldies but goldies

Generation 1 Transformers are widely collected, revered and affectionately remembered by enthusiasts. Finding and owning original boxed or even sealed G1 Transformers is quite a privelege and an experience. More recent Takara and Hasbro Reissue Transformers have proven to be hugely popular and are into their second decade of release. So why is it that so many Transformers collectors shun and turn their noses up at …
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Who Cares About Paperwork?

Merry Christmas!

It all starts with nostalgia, the quest to recapture that feeling of getting a brand new Transformers toy and opening the floodgates to one’s fondest childhood memories. Whether it’s buying back Transformers that our parents threw out years ago, or finally securing that one character that your folks never bought you (because, really, one Jumpstarter should be enough for any child), purchasing your first …
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