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Making The Grade – Part 2


Crystal clear

This is exactly where we left things last week on Part 1. The factory sealed vintage Transformers Generation 1 Aerialbot Fireflight had been photo-analysed, admired, had a potential grading result predicted by a number of experienced collectors and then promptly sent off to the Action Figure Authority (AFA) for grading as part of an experiment. …
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Making The Grade – Part 1


Grading virgins, Fireflight & I

These days, invariably, you will find good condition factory sealed vintage Generation 1 Transformers preserved, immortalised, imprisoned, desecrated (delete as appropriate) in an acrylic display case, with a grade attached. The AFA – or Action Figure Authority – grade toys like Transformers be they factory sealed, opened and unused or even loose. Everyone has an opinion on this, from not keeping toys …
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Is It Conceivable? – Part 1

Mission impossible?

To collect is to complete, or at least it is for some. Certain corners of the Transformers toy-buying community are happy to pick up whatever figure takes their fancy from time to time, others choose to focus their collecting and aspire to complete either a particular run of figures, sub-line or category. A small minority challenge themselves even further with simpler and …
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Collector Interview 08 – Jon Krause


We don’t mind a bit of controversy in the opinions of our Collector’s Corner Source Interviewees, so the decision to showcase the collection and thoughts of well-known mint sealed G1 Action Figure Authority graded Transformers collector Jon Krause was an easy one. Jon’s professional artwork and illustrations have graced some of the world’s finest, most read and most prestigious publications, so his controversial pro-AFA …
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Case Finds

Mexican Jumpstarter case find (1999)

Finding a vintage Transformer or Diaclone in an attic, charity shop, old store or at a flea market is a wonderful event that very few of us have had the privilege of experiencing. If you’re really lucky you may even find an unused or sealed toy that was never sold, or it might have been an unopened gift. Such events are …
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In Their Own Words – Part 1

What makes this so special?

Transformers collectors love rarities, and rarity plus hype can make legends of particular toys. But what about those very rare and obscure Transformers that people don’t talk, or even know about? When a particular type of collector embarks on a mission to complete a specific area, category or sub-category of a Transformers line they will eventually come across a piece or …
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Variant Collectors or Collector Variants?

How to make toy collecting even more obsessive? Add numbers

Toy collectors, we’re all a little insane, obsessive, compulsive and generally not 100% grown up. But just like the enormous variety of generations, sub-lines, categories, specialisms and characters that exist within the actual Transformers toy lines, there is an almost equal amount of diversity evident within the types of collector that populate the Transformers toy-buying community. …
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