The Relevant Collection

PE Warden and TR Brainstorm

Titans Return available here at TFSource

I recently bought and uploaded to social media images of Perfect Effect Warden, a very successful 3rd party figure from 3 years ago that I had missed out on for some time but finally found for a great price. While there is still a fair amount of affection for this toy about …

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What Have Transformers Done For Me?

Masterpiece MP-18B Bluestreak

Masterpiece Transformers available at TFSource

I would like to think that all of us can point to at least one example of how the Transformers toy line, shows or comics have improved our lives. Whether it has been through the happiness of meeting like-minded enthusiasts or the ownership of excellent toys, the enjoyment of well-written comics or admiration of tremendous artwork, surely …
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Headsculpts – 3rd Party

Fansproject Function X Browning II

3rd party Transformers available at TFSource

Last week we discussed some of the finest official Hasbro and Takara Transformers toy headsculpts with the help of fellow collectors. This week we look at some of the standout headsculpts from unofficial 3rd party Transformers toys. While there may not be as much to choose from, and arguably 3P companies …
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Titans Return Crashbash

Titans Return Transformers at TFSource

A head sculpt can make or break a figure. Some of the nicest overall Transformers figures I have are occasionally let down by a weak head sculpt that is either too vague in its features, unrepresentative of the character it is supposed to be or just plain unpleasant. On the other hand, certain figures of an …
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1988 Autobot Powermasters

1988 Autobot Powermasters

Vintage G1 Transformers at TFSource

Transformers from Cybertron, binary bonded to Nebulans of Nebulos! In 1988 the ‘Masters continued to come thick and fast with smaller Headmasters, smaller Targetmasters and the introduction of the Powermasters. Hasbro decided to integrate the ‘Masters gimmick even further into the Transformers concept by making the Nebulan activate the transformation of the bigger figure …
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Transformers Masterpiece MP-28 Hot Rodimus

Transformers Masterpiece available at TFSource

What could be better than owning a wonderful Transformers toy? That’s right, multiples of that toy! Of course not everybody subscribes to that philosophy, in fact a majority are probably happy to own one version of each toy. A great deal of collectors won’t even bother with variants of a mould, let alone precise duplicates. There are …
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MP-25L Loudpedal – Best Toy Homage

Masterpiece MP-25L Loudpedal

Masterpiece MP-25L Loudpedal at TFSource

Once upon a time there was a Diaclone, not just exclusive in colour and country, but also retailer. Its existence was questioned by all and sundry until proven beyond a reasonable doubt. A legendary Japanese collector teased enthusiasts across many lands with wordless images and scattered hints. The truth did surface, the world did learn, but a …
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Collector Interview 50 – Jason “Logik” L

Vintage Transformers at TFSource

Vintage Transformers at TFSource

Flying under the radar as if on a special ops mission, Jason “Logik” L’s incredible vintage Transformers collection mimicks the function of his beloved Autobot Agent Jazz. Having spent a great deal of his youth working hard to create the veritable museum that he now curates, Jason has employed a large amount of focus to achieve his …
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Change Of Heart (Titans Return)


Titans Return available at TFSource

Titans Return available at TFSource

The Titans have indeed returned. And by that I mean Headmasters, generally. Hasbro and TakaraTomy have moved from battling 3rd parties on the combiners front to challenging them on the 1987/88 Headmasters front, with even traditionally non-HM characters getting the ”Titan Master” treatment. Wave 1 consists of deluxe class Hardhead, Blurr, Scourge and Skullsmasher (Skullcruncher), …
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Half Term Report

Masterpiece and 3rd Party Transformers at TFSource

Masterpiece and 3rd Party Transformers at TFSource

Halfway through 2016 and it’s looking like that old chestnut ”best year for Transformers and 3rd Party toys” is once again being bandied about. Rightfully so, I can’t quite believe the quality of product we have enjoyed thus far, and that’s just up to June with Titans Return about to …
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