Collector Interview 52 – Emalie Pugh

Emalie Pugh and her Transformers Collection

Official and 3rd party Transformers available at TFSource

Cosplay champion, superstar toy photographer and shark-obsessed Transformers collector are just some of the phrases one could use to describe Emalie Pugh. A regular on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook groups, Emalie has established herself as a well-known community member at UK shows as well as online. A self-confessed Decepticon enthusiast, …
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BadCube OTS-11 Speedbump

BadCube OTS-11 Speedbump

BadCube Speedbump at TFSource

BadCube have taken strides. Since flaky beginnings with Huff, they’ve produced what many would consider the definitive egotistical yellow Lamborghini Countach brother at Masterpiece scale, but the complex nature of the figure affected some collectors’ appreciation of Sunsurge. While Sunsurge improved on the horrendous intricacy of Wardog, it was still not quite there in terms of the …
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Second Time Around

Masterpiece, Titans Return and Legends Transformers

Masterpiece Transformers available at TFSource

First impressions are everything, or so the saying goes. Is it different for Transformers toys? We can occasionally find ourselves the victims of hype, influence and enabling. The enthusiasm of a friend, a group or the fandom generally can rub off on us and we may buy things we initially didn’t want to. …
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Collector Interview 51 – Benjamin “Peaugh” Dolle

Benjamin Dolle and his toy collection

Transformers and 3rd party figures available at TFSource

Transformers collectors and online community contributors don’t come much more recognisable and respected than Benjamin Dolle AKA Peaugh. His video reviews have been a staple of the online fandom for some years now, his considerable body of work covering everything from vintage G1 to modern day 3rd party and …
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Transformers Masterpiece, Titans Return, RID and Combiner Wars

Masterpiece and Titans Return available at TFSource

Reinforcements from Cybertron! From the history of Transformers, from Diaclone, from the Marvel comics, from a 1986 TF:TM movie trailer, from the pages of More Than Meets The Eye. Just last week I was complaining about the volume of Transformers toys I’d picked up, and not one day after …
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Too Much Too Soon

Takara Transformers Legends

Transformers Legends available now at TFSource

As a toy collector with treasured, vivid childhood memories of receiving a large amount of Transformers on special days, re-living that experience as an adult can be thrilling. Alternatively, not having had that opportunity as a child can sometimes lead to us fulfilling those feelings as adult collectors. Haul photos after toy shows, mail days …
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MakeToys MTCD-01 Striker Manus

MakeToys Cross Dimension Striker Manus

MakeToys Striker Manus available at TFSource

At a time where the lion’s share of 3rd party attention is directed at Masterpiece scale products, MakeToys and a handful of others are continuing to provide products at Classics, legends and city scale. Cross Dimension is MakeToys’ latest concept at this Classics/Generations scale and the first product is MTCD-01 Striker Manus, quite …
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The Relevant Collection

PE Warden and TR Brainstorm

Titans Return available here at TFSource

I recently bought and uploaded to social media images of Perfect Effect Warden, a very successful 3rd party figure from 3 years ago that I had missed out on for some time but finally found for a great price. While there is still a fair amount of affection for this toy about …

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What Have Transformers Done For Me?

Masterpiece MP-18B Bluestreak

Masterpiece Transformers available at TFSource

I would like to think that all of us can point to at least one example of how the Transformers toy line, shows or comics have improved our lives. Whether it has been through the happiness of meeting like-minded enthusiasts or the ownership of excellent toys, the enjoyment of well-written comics or admiration of tremendous artwork, surely …
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Headsculpts – 3rd Party

Fansproject Function X Browning II

3rd party Transformers available at TFSource

Last week we discussed some of the finest official Hasbro and Takara Transformers toy headsculpts with the help of fellow collectors. This week we look at some of the standout headsculpts from unofficial 3rd party Transformers toys. While there may not be as much to choose from, and arguably 3P companies …
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