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Review: Fansproject’s F(x) Sigma L

Fansproject Sigma L Title

No mind control needed to love the latest in Fansproject’s Function X line!

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Toy Review: Takara MP-20 Wheeljack

MP-20 Wheeljack title

The Autobot handyman gets the Masterpiece treatment!

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MakeToys Quantron

Transformers’ most intelligent combiner gets the body of a linebacker!

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Unique Toys Troll

Unique Toys mixes a great design with great quality and engineering in this homage to “Blot”!

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Protected: The History Source: Fansproject (Part 1)

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Pre-Deluxe – Part 1

Beetras and Dorvack, toy-lines not diseases

Just as the Takara-designed Autobot Cars, minibots, Decepticon jets, Megatron, Soundwave and his cassettes have their roots in the early 1980s Takara Japanese toy-lines Diaclone and Micro Change Series, a number of non-Takara Transformers – like the Deluxe Insecticons, Deluxe Autobot Vehicles, Omega Supreme and Jetfire – originate from older Japanese toy lines as …

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TFsource Reviews: TFSS 1.0 Scourge

The long wait is finally over: the Transformers Club has shipped out its first subscription service figure and they started it off with fan favorite: Scourge! Right before BotCon 2013 started, collectors began receiving surprises in the mail. It didn’t take a second look to realize the box contained the Transformers Subscription Service Scourge, the first of 6 figures due to hit collector’s mailboxes throughout the …

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Toy Review – Fansproject Car Crash and T-Bone

Fansproject has released the first two Robots of it’s Transformers Generation 1 “Menasor” combiner homage (“Intimidator”) with Car Crash and T-Bone!

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Here Come The Men In Black – BotCon 1996

Here come the Men In Black: the galaxy defenders … no, no, not those guys. We’re talking about a different MIB for this entry in TFsource’s Countdown to BotCon! BotCon 1996 featured new organizers, Men In Black productions, new toy exclusives from a different Transformers era, and a whole lot of mishaps that lead to the 1996 show being the only run convention under MIB Productions. …

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A Part of the Second Generation – BotCon 1995

Coming off the success of the 1994 convention, BotCon picked up a little steam in 1995 and opened its doors to a larger audience of Transformers fans. BotCon 1995 featured one of the more unique convention exclusives, perhaps even an oddity given its “custom” nature, and its design/production path has proved to be one of the most interesting and memorable features of the toy itself….

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