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A Gentle Reminder

Masterpiece and 3rd Party MP available at TFSource

It’s very common now for Transformers discussion taking place on online forums or social media to be centred around Masterpiece or 3rd Party Masterpiece figures, with a ton of other excellent lines, initiatives, aesthetics or size classes receiving less attention or taking a back seat in people’s buying or interest. I myself wrote recently about …
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Why Repaints?


The same and yet not

Why repaints and remoulds? Why can’t every Transformers toy be a completely new mould and something brand new to enjoy and explore? We all know the answer to that already. The money involved in creating fresh toy sculpts – the engineering, tooling and design required to  birth just one new Transformers toy –  is such that the company responsible counters that by …
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Ambassadors – Part 6



Ambassadors Part 6. You know the score by now, surely. Although I do think one thing bears repeating, our contributors that are picking their line, category, sub-category or era-specific ambassadors are not choosing one toy to represent the Transformers brand as a whole, or to turn a complete non-collector into a collector. Rather, they are choosing a toy from a particular area of Transformers to promote …
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The Mentality

Joustra Diaclone Battle Convoys - stamping variants

Don’t judge. You can’t judge, not in this game, with its myriad population of collectors and enthusiasts. There will be personal admissions of guilt and opportunities for ridicule and vigorous head-shaking, but you can save your pity for those who don’t see what they are doing to themselves and aren’t having fun. Feel free to spend …
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Giving Up

What do you see? A ball and chain? An achievement? A house?

It’s a depressing subject, giving up toy collecting, but it’s one that many have considered from time to time and even acted upon. One might be driven to the brink of surrender by finances, space, obsession, disinterest, priorities or a feeling of being overwhelmed. It can lead to feelings of liberation, or pangs of …
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Forgotten Corners

Car Robots JRX

Buying toys is good, buying toys is bad. Having a focus in your collection is good, having a focus in your collection is bad. Some of us torment our living partners by having all sorts of parcels arrive every other day, or we obsess over a small category of Transformers and search for months before making a purchase. Others are well-balanced and can …
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