Microblaze Creations - MBC002 Military Titans with Bonus Parts by Microblaze Creations TFsourcecode: MBC002MT/79C

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Product Details

Includes FREE Premium/SDCC color version foot replaceable parts, see the pictures for details!

This great add-on kit includes the one figure shown and all the parts necessary to upgrade your FOC Bruticus (FOC Bruticus figures are sold separately).

Brand new design, which brings back the strong leader image. Huge impact, the height of combined mode is over 12 inch/32 cm Includes the upgrade armor for other four members, to provide the same powerful image, and also supports vehicle mode. MBC002 not only improves the strength of this combined, but also provides a full-scale upgrade.

* MBC002 Body Part*1 (20cm in figure mode)
* MBC002 Weapon for Body Part*1
* MBC002 Left hand upgrade armor for FOC VORTEX*1
* MBC002 Right hand upgrade armor for FOC LAST OFF*1
* MBC002 Left foot upgrade armor for FOC BRAWL*1
* MBC002 Right foot upgrade armor for FOC SWINDLE*1
* MBC002 First release special*1 - Replaceable mask for berserk mode

This is a 3rd party add-on not associated with Hasbro or Takara. Figures sold separately.

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January 06, 2015
Frank R

"Great concept but QC issues hinder it"

It's a great concept but the QC issues really hinder it. Received it yesterday and broke it yesterday in the area of the knees TITAN where there is a pin hinge set up. Reason for the break is the piece where the leg connects to the crotch is reversed so when you fold them in to combine there is tension since the leg is not flush together. The clips start to show stress marks and the joint/pin when folded in per the instructions and Peaugh's review, it snapped. That part should have been a ball joint that pops out, not a hinge.

Also, in combiner mode it is wobbly on the waist as the legs (aka, Titan's arms) don't really click/connect together (they just fold in on each other) and with swindleâs flared feet attachments popping off you really have to balance the combiner.

I requested a replacement TITAN to be sent by TFSOURCE as I do like this set and adds character to the Generations figs. Lets see what happens.

January 03, 2015

"Good figure, but needs a few tweaks."

I really like this figure as a show piece with the other fall of cybertron figures he looks really good. but when you are transforming him to bruticus and trying to pose him. those green shoulder flaps almost always pop out and thus his pelvis literallys splits apart, at least on mine.

Over all though he is an awesome display piece as bruticus.

January 01, 2015

"Fun Fact"

An acceptable Transformer is at least structurally stable. This thing fell apart when I tried to pose its arm. I'd compare it to a loose-peg, flimsy Revenge of the Fallen Mixmaster in terms of how well it stays together. Not pleased with my purchase.

December 08, 2014

"Awesome Figure, A- in the combiner department. "

I will admit maybe I had different expectations in my head. Overall pleased.


- The base figure is gorgeous, paint is excellent. Fantastic articulation and design style.

- Add on parts for the various figures are quite nice as well, especially the parts for brawl to make him a more pose-able figure.


- Combiner mode.... Its not bad, but its kind of weak in the articulation on the legs. And only when it comes to swindle do the combiner mode suffer. I wish the foot build parts we more solidly interlocked then on single peg on each side. Would help them stay together.

- QC Issues. The figure in combined mode for me suffers from bad assembly or measurement of parts in 2 areas. So thats really where my 1 start is lost on this figure and part setup, along with the Swindle foot assembly.

If they fixed the two small issues the package is flawless. I have the team in Bruticus mode right now, might break them back down to individual team once a month.

Also beware you will have to do some dissection of your Vortex and Blast off to fit them onto the arm joints that transform into guns. Nothing major but you will unsnap a few joints and snap them into the points on the arms they go on.

So overall great individual figure, slightly weak in combiner mode. The voyager main body definitely add's the needed mass to Bruticus to make him feel like an imposing figure.

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